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ARTinHome turns any interior into a Luxury


ARTinHome - interior renovation company that provides full spectrum of services starting from high quality paint jobs, all types of flooring installations, to luxury wallcovering applications.


What makes ARTinHome unique is the wallcovering material we use for wall application called Silk Plaster, aka Liquid Wallpaper.

Made by European manufacturer in Latvia Riga since 1997, Silk Plaster has many advantages comparing to traditional wallpaper or wall paint. 

100% Organic & Eco-friendly, Non-Allergic, Heat and Cold Resistant. No Sticks , Conceals all Dent and Imperfection on the wall.


Silk Plaster can be applied almost on any surface. After application you will have seamless and cozy to touch textured surface.

WOW Results are Guaranteed.  

About us and our work

Keep the past in mind, but always think of the a green future. That is why ARTinHome chooses Silk Plaster wallcovering as ideal solution for interior renovation. 

When it comes to staying up-to-date with latest trends, we committed to our clients throughout the entire process, from beginning stages to the final application.

Contact us today to learn more how ARTinHome can transform your space.