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Turn Your Design Dreams Into an ART

ARTinHome - an interior renovation company that specialize on application of Silk Wallpaper, AKA Liquid Wallpaper. Made by European manufacturer Silk Plaster. Silk Wallpaper has many benefits comparing with traditional wallpaper or wall paint.  


Since 2012 ARTinHome been transforming homes and office spaces in a way that aligns with clients taste and vision. Call us today, we are happy to help you create an interior renovation you have always wanted.

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About us and our work

Keep the past in mind, but always think of the future. This is at the back of each decision we make, designing or redesigning a space. 


When it comes to staying up-to-date with latest trends, we committed to our clients throughout the entire process, from beginning stages to the final application. Contact us today to learn how ARTinHome can transform your space.

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